M. Kumara Swamy
Head of the Department
School of Nanotechnology
Institute of Science & Technology
JNTU - Kakinada
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Academic Advisor
School of Nanotechnology
Institute of Science & Technology
JNTU - Kakinada
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Welcome to School of Nano Technology

Nanotechnology is an emerging, interdisciplinary area of applied Research in Science & Engineering that deals with the design and manufacture of extremely small components and systems. The technological advances in Material Science, Electronics, Computers and Software are being progressively used in Nanotechnology to improve the growth of Industry. There is a promising need for qualified engineers to afford to the design, development, production and maintenance of technologically advanced area of Nanotechnology. The course offered helps to accomplish the requirement so that the Nanotechnology graduate is geared up to pierce in to the Nanotechnology Industry. The course is started in 2012 and is recognized and approved by AICTE.


  • Solar Power
  • Chemical Catalysis
  • MEMs and NEMs
  • Bio-medical
  • Defense ( Stragic) Sector
  • Wireless communications
  • Space Exploration
  • Environmental Applications
  • To promote the nanotechnology students onto the platform embedded with cutting-edge technologies and skills to adopt the state-of-the-art techniques to harness nanomaterials and nanosensors and contribute to building a self-reliant nation with competing economic growth.
  • To offer the PG Program that imparts innovative ideas with ethical and human values
  • To train the students and the faculty to update their knowledge in the emerging Nanotechnology field to meet industrial and societal needs
  • To build up academic excellence through innovative research in the Nanotechnology field
  • To encourage the recent collaborative trends in design, handling, and execution of projects inter-twined among institutes of industrial repute
  • To develop project management and entrepreneurship skills